Beginner (no experience necessary)

Our beginner class provides the necessary fundamentals for our wrestlers to be successful and helps lay the foundation for their success in the future. We have beginner classes for ALL ages that will provide a path for each individual wrestler to excel at the next level.

Intermediate (*required – at least 2 -3 years experience)

Our intermediate class will incorporate our core fundamentals (taught in our beginner classes) as well as techniques that provide wrestlers with opportunities to advanced to our Advanced level classes.

Advanced/Elite (*required – at least 5 years experience or State, Regional, National level experience)

Our Advanced/Elite level classes will incorporate all levels of technique as well as fundamentals. This class is reserved for those wrestlers seeking elite level training and are committed to the characteristics that wrestling provides.

High School

Our High School classes will provide our local High School wrestlers the opportunity to gain additional training sessions year around. We will provide Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco classes for those wrestlers who interested.

Private Lessons

Our private training session are available for ALL levels. Private training sessions are the quickest ways for our wrestler to make progress. We encourage every student of LWC to schedule at least 1 private training per month. These trainings allow for the coaches to focus more attention on individual wrestlers. In the private trainings, coaches will make sure that the athletes are understanding what is being taught in the main classes as well as cover specific areas of need. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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